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Cryptocurrency broker license

The cryptbroker is a new business model that combines the best solutions from both worlds: innovative cryptocurrency exchanges and classic brokerage business. In addition to providing access to financial markets, a cryptbroker provides its clients with other unique opportunities that would be impossible for a classic broker or crypto exchange.

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What cryptocurrency broker license for?

The cryptbroker acts as an intermediary and guarantor of the transaction between the seller and the buyer in the market of digital assets. Cryptocurrency brokers also provide clients with professional tools for market analysis and portfolio management. A prime example of cryptbrokers is the OTC cryptocurrency-enabled platform. OTC or over-the-counter is an over-the-counter market that is traded under informal rules.

The importance of cryptocurrency broker license

Brokers with cryptocurrency broker license are ideal for those who want to profit from trading virtual assets, rather than just buying them for long-term storage. As a rule, reliable cryptocurrency brokers offer more flexible conditions for users, advanced analytics, serious tools for technical analysis and conducting automatic trading through bots and advisors.

Leverage as a part of cryptocurrency broker license

Leverage determines the amount of leverage that a trader can borrow from a cryptocurrency broker. If these funds are successfully invested, the profit will be proportional to the leverage, but the potential loss will also be many times higher. It should be understood that the leverage is only an optional tool, a pleasant addition that can be used at your own discretion. No one will force a trader to take the maximum possible bet. The size of the shoulder does not affect the likelihood of risk – all risk management lies with the borrower, who opens positions with the desired volume.

Advantages of cryptocurrency broker license

Crypto brokers provide analytical tools and graphics that help customers better shape their investment portfolios and manage risk. Brokerage trading platforms offer a wide range of orders and analytical tools. In addition, regulated brokers cooperate with payment systems and banks, so they offer more deposit/withdrawal instruments. The cryptbroker’s client is not limited to a single trading instrument, so it is possible to form flexible investment portfolios with the help of a broker from several asset classes: cryptocurrencies, metals and goods, indices, currency pairs, shares and derivatives, such as ETF and CFD. In the fall of the crypto market, the client can sell the cryptocurrency and open positions in traditional assets. In this case, the client can make a profit in the same assets that were deposited.